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Brian Knox is President of Sustainable Resource Management, Inc. and the supervising forester for Eco-Goats. He has a BS in Forest Resource Management with a minor in Soil Science from West Virginia University. For more than twenty years, Brian's passion for sustainability has helped to shape the face of forestry practices in Maryland, West Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Brian's two decades of experience includes working with forest landowners and groups to help them live and interact sustainably with the natural systems that surround them. His unique work history has provided him with extensive experience in invasive species control, erosion and sedimentation planning, hydrology, forest soils, timber and wildlife management, forest inventory, reforestation, recreation and forest aesthetics and biodiversity. He consults on state, local, and federal forestry regulation and mediates disputes among industry, environmental groups and/or individual landowners.

Eco-GoatsBrian has put his commitment for sustainability into action with a wide range of organizations, including Maryland Forests Association, The Maryland Environmental Trust; The Nature Conservancy; Green Ridge State Forest Advisory Committee; The Community Woodlands Alliance; The Hardwood Value Improvement Project; Empire State Forest Products Association; New York State Tree Farm Inspecting Committee; West Virginia Forestry Association; and the Allegany College of Maryland. He also works extensively with private landowners and homeowner associations.

Richard and Shannon Garden of Garden Farms had a dream of a creating a working “hobby” livestock farm on their 50 acres in Davidsonville, MD. They picked goats because they were easy to care for and “kid friendly”. They began with the idea of "a few goats." Today, they have around one hundred. They have a strong connection to the land and sustainable management. Richard and Brian formed a good working relationship when Rich hired Sustainable Resource Management to create a Forest Stewardship Plan and build a fire access trail on the property. The pair soon realized the goats could help the environment as well as serve the community, and Eco-Goats was born.

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Brian Knox