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Press Release, Eco-Goats With Anne Arundel County Dept. of Parks & Recreation
July 20, 2009

Eco-goats join forces with Anne Arundel Parks and Recreations to offer "Living Lawnmowers" to historic site... Read Full Article

The Baltimore Sun
July 21, 2009

In yet another partnership between Maryland government and goats, Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold said that the munching power of a herd of 40 goats will be employed to help clear invasive vines and plants from a half-acre site at Hancock's Resolution Park in Pasadena... Read Full Article

Eco-Goats On Baltimore Channel 13
August 2, 2009

When it's meal time, you don't have to call a goat twice. For animals with iron stomachs, there's always something to eat. In this case, it's weeds and non-native plants at Hancock's Resolution, an overgrown park in Anne Arundel County. "They're pretty much herbicide with leg," said Brian Knox, Sustainable Resource Management. "They ate the poison ivy first." Watch The Video...

Eco-GoatsMunching Goats Helps Solve History Mystery
Baltimore Sun
August 9, 2007

After Eco-Goats chewed its way through the invasive vegetation that had become a problem at Hancock's Resolution, a pre-Civil War farm that is now an Anne Arundel County park, they were requested to solve the vegetation problem and a mystery at a Gibson Island grave site. A herd of 29 goats entered the rarefied gated confines of Gibson Island where residents are proscribed from keeping cats... Read Full Article...

Eco-Goats On Fox News 45
August 22, 2009

A herd of 40 goats will graze on invasive vines and undergrowth in Hancock's Resolution Park for two days to clear out unwanted vegetation. "The vegetation just began to take over and so this is an approach to clear it out in a very green alternative manner," Says Brian Knox of Eco-Goats. Watch The Video...

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