Got Invasives? Get Eco-Goats!

Our open fields and woodlands—be they roadside, along utility lines, or in our own back yards—are overrun with invasive species and other problem vegetation. Enter Eco-Goats! This sustainable alternative is fast, easy, effective, environmentally sound and just plain fun. Enjoy learning how goats can help you by browsing our website, then give us a call. Questions and estimates are always free.

We Now Offer Out-Of-Area Consulting!

Traveling with goats we can only go so far... literally. That's why Brian is now available to consult with individuals and civic groups who would like to have their own goats do the work. As a Licensed Professional Forester, as well as a goat hearder, Brian knows what goats can do and what it takes to get the job done. But he also knows what goats can't and should not do-- and how, on the wrong site, or with improper application, goats can actually do environmental harm. If you live out of the Eco-Goats service area (greater than 150 miles from Annapolis, MD in most cases), Brian can help you get up and running. Write Brian Knox at or call 814-233-0305 for more information.

"This use of goats for targeted grazing serves as a role model for other parks and sends a strong conservation message to the community. Goats provide a unique opportunity to move toward economical, sustainable and ecological weed control and away from methods relying on the use of heavy equipment or herbicides... In this tight budget time, it is always helpful to find creative solutions and leverage partnerships. The goats are a welcome sight to help us out and also give area children a chance to come enjoy them along with the park."

-- John R. Leopold, Anne Arundel County Executive